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nakd. Thai Crystal Deodorant

You Have a Choice

24 Hour Protection

A single application of nakd. deodorant under both arms after a shower can give you natural odor protection for up to 24 hours.

Natural & Pure

There are no harmful chemicals in our nakd. deodorant only 100% premium quality crystallized natural mineral salts.

Safe & Effective

When nakd. deodorant is wet and rubbed under your arms a thin layer of salt is applied to your skin which neutralizes and prevents the growth of bacteria that causes odor without clogging your pores.


Traditional deodorants ruin your clothing by staining them because of the acidic antiperspirant ingredients. nakd. deodorant will never leave stains on your clothing even the most delicate fabrics.



Millions of people from around the world are ditching their traditional chemically infused deodorants for nakd. deodorant a natural and effective alternative. Watch the video and make the switch today!

We believe that you deserve to have the best that nature offers