About Us | Vasarii

About Us | Vasarii

The Vasarii Promise

Premium Quality

Traveling around the world to remote places and discovering the best natural ingredients for our beauty products is at the foundation of what we do.


We don't believe in mass production and have strict quality control on all our products. Each product is personally inspected by hand before being shipped out to you.


As a client of ours we promise to serve & provide you with a personalized experience. Your satisfaction while using our products is our top priority.

First-class customer service with a personal touch and outstanding products has brought Vasarii close to the hearts of thousands of people. The countless testimonials from grateful customers who are relieved to have finally found natural beauty products that work for them are proof of the impact of Josh’s commitment to effective organic solutions.

Thank you for your commitment to quality. I switched to nakd. deodorant because I felt that Vasarii was a brand I can trust.


I reached out to Josh first before buying their nakd. deodorant and to my surprise he got back to me within a day. I can personally tell you that he is committed to keeping his clients satisfied.


After years of trying numerous natural deodorant brands I have finally found one that really works!


Why Vasarii

Founded on the principal that all beauty products created should be cruelty-free, natural & environmentally friendly. You can trust that everything we do revolves around keeping our clients, partners, suppliers and the local communities satisfied and treated to the highest standard.

  • You can trust that our products are of premium quality
  • We will always put you as our clients first
  • Every natural beauty product is personally inspected before being shipped to you
  • Every time you purchase a product from us we plant 1 tree!

Our Beliefs

We believe in giving back to the local communities that we source our natural ingredients from. Every time you purchase one of our products we plant one tree through our partner Eden Reforestation Projects.

  • We believe in putting people over profits
  • Giving back to the local community is our moral responsibility
  • Building trust in you as our client is essential to us
  • Always providing you with a personalized premium experience

Our Purpose

Raising the standards in what our clients should expect from a company when purchasing a premium natural beauty product. We set our standards high and we expect you to keep us to them.

  • Providing our clients with highest quality natural beauty products in the world
  • Raising the industry standard for premium natural beauty products
  • Leaving a positive impact on the local communities we enter
  • Pushing the industry towards more environmentally friendly practices

Our Values

With passion, integrity and trust - we embrace our responsibility to create premium natural beauty products in a world where all of us, our communities, and our planet can flourish.

  • Passion: Passion is at the heart of our company. We are continuously moving forward, innovating, and improving.
  • Integrity: We are honest, open, ethical, and fair.
  • Trust: People trust us to adhere to our word.

Our Commitment

We at Vasarii promise to provide you with not only the highest quality natural beauty products in the world but also a world class client experience. If you have any questions or problems at all we promise to get back to you within 12 hours (Weekends included).

  • The success of Vasarii relies on you as our client and we aim to keep you satisfied
  • If you align your values and beliefs are aligned to ours you can trust that we will always stay true to them
  • We promise to stay true to our purpose and setting the new industry standards
Josh Spilewski | Vasarii

Josh Spilewski


Josh Spilewski is the founder of Vasarii and owner of the natural beauty product line nakd. Just like you he's tried hundreds of natural products that just didn't work. His passion for traveling has taken him to remote parts of the world to find the best that nature has to offer to craft sustainable natural beauty products. He's met with local people in villages who have been using these natural ingredients for their everyday care for generations. He believes in building trust between his clients, partners, suppliers and the local communities in which he sources the natural resources from. He's committed to putting his clients first and personally funding local charities where the ingredients are sourced.