All Natural: A Better Way to Live

Sustainable and clean living can help our bodies and the planet, but too many people ignore ways to save energy and the unhealthy impact on their bodies in favor of simplicity and ease. The world is filled with synthetic chemicals and processed foods that can lead to countless ailments including cancer.

The best way to keep Mother Earth and our body healthy is to live a sustainable life filled with fresh fruits and vegetables and using products made from natural ingredients. You’ll find it makes you feel amazing and can help shift the contamination of the Earth and our bodies.

What is Sustainable Living?

Industry and manufacturing take a heavy toll on the Earth. They’re constantly mining for metals and ores and polluting the air and water, all so people can have easier lives. This type of business is slowly killing animals and plants, some to the point of extinction and these businesses don’t care.

They’re willing to sacrifice anything if it means a few extra points on their stock or a few more dollars in their board’s pocket. When people choose to decrease the carbon footprint and decrease their overall environmental impact on the world, then they’re living a sustainable lifestyle.

They want to create a balance between their needs and the needs of the Earth and its plants and animals. The more the movement grows, the less power those that threaten the Earth and the environment have.

How to Live A Sustainable Life

If you’re interested in living a sustainable life, then we’ve developed a few ideas to help you begin. One of the key aspects is to live a minimalistic life. The more items you have that require electricity and the bigger and more powerful your car, the more resources are taken from the Earth to service those items.

It doesn’t mean you’ need to give up everything and living in a yurt in the desert. It means everything you own is being used to its fullest extent. There is little or no waste.

You recycle as much as you can and create compost to help grow your own food. Instead of driving your car; walk, bike, or take public transportation when doing errands. You can use energy-saving light bulbs and appliances to minimize how much electricity your home uses or install solar paneling.

People can live in a home that fits their needs and isn’t too large and filled with empty space. A smaller home uses fewer resources.

Don’t spend so much time watching television or playing video games. Instead, play board games or read a book. Perhaps the most important aspect of living a sustainable life is teaching it to your children. The next generation will be able to fix the mistakes of previous generations.

What Are Processed Foods?

Sustainable living isn’t just what you do around the house or in the community. It’s also what you put into your body. We live in a stressful world. When life is overwhelming, we seek out comfort foods not only because they taste good, but also because they’re easy.

Highly processed foods don’t require chopping fresh vegetables or cooking in an oven for an hour. They’re quick and easy, but also stripped of almost everything valuable. If you’ve gone through the McDonald's drive-thru and ordered a Big Mac, you’ve had heavily processed foods.

The goal of eating is to fuel the body and provide it with nutrients to survive. There was a time when everything was unprocessed and fresh, but grocers wanted items with a longer shelf life. They would end up throwing items away items because they expired.

Companies began filling food with salts, sugars, nitrates, and countless other chemicals to improve the taste, look and take the shelf life from weeks to years.

Almost everything at the grocery store that comes in a bag, box, or can has processing done to it. Even the meats in the deli are filled with salt and preservatives. You can look at the ingredients and see it sounds more like a science experiment than food.

Why Are Processed Foods Bad for You?

Addiction is not something people commonly associated with foods, but if you wake up with a late-night sweet tooth, then that’s what’s happening. Sugar in some form or another is in almost everything we eat from breakfast cereal to bread.

Sugar or its most common and powerful form, high fructose corn syrup, makes everything taste sweeter, but it’s also highly addictive. Don’t believe me, try going without it for a few days and see how you’re feeling.

People eat so much sugar that diabetes is on the rise, obesity has become an epidemic and it has been liked to countless illnesses.

It’s not just sugar either, it’s salt and the hundreds of artificial colors and ingredients that mess with hormones, stomach bacteria and have links to cancer and other deadly ailments.

Many times, processed foods can barely count as food because everything of value was removed and replaced with synthetic chemicals.

Unprocessed Is Best

The sustainability movement has also spurred people to eat healthier and cut as many processed foods out of their diet as possible. Some have taken it a step further to only eat organically grown vegetables and unprocessed and humanely treated meat.

Don’t bother getting your vegetables from a chain grocery store when you can grow your own garden or purchase them from a farmer’s market.

Meats from a butcher that are made fresh are much better than the pre-packaged ham filled with unpronounceable chemicals. The less processed food you eat, the better off and healthier you will be.

Don’t Forget All Natural for Your Skin

When you went to the store and purchased deodorant or facial wash, did you look at the ingredient list? Synthetic chemicals aren’t just invading our foods, but health and beauty products as well.

Some of the chemicals are a preservative, others are so they smell nice and we can’t forget the ones that make them feel silky smooth on your skin. People purchase health and beauty products with the goal of smelling good and keeping their skin fresh and youthful, but it could be doing the opposite.

Antiperspirants plug sweat glands with aluminum, so your body can’t sweat. That sounds great except the body is meant to sweat and aluminum and other chemicals seep into your body through skin contact.

The “fragrance” used in deodorants and other beauty products are made from hundreds of different chemicals designed to mimic a smell. The Federal Drug Administration doesn’t regulate health and beauty products, so you never know what chemicals are in that “fragrance.’

These synthetic chemicals can be dangerous for your body as well. The armpit area is sensitive, especially after scrubbing from a shower or shaving, and these chemicals can react harshly causing discomfort or a rash.

The ingredients in makeup and beauty projects may provide an immediate improvement, but over time can lead to dry skin and wrinkles. Your skin is a barrier to keep bacteria and other contaminants from entering the bloodstream, but when applied directly to the skin these chemicals can get into the bloodstream and cause problems with your immune system, nervous system, and reproductive system.

Natural skincare doesn’t use synthetic chemicals and instead focuses on ingredients created by Mother Nature. Natural acids, minerals, and other compounds not only work amazing, but also are often far better than synthetic and they’re healing your skin.

nakd. deodorant doesn’t use aluminum or harsh fragrances to help stop body odor. It uses natural mineral salts that allow your armpits to breath, but also keep bacteria from growing and feeding. Most commercial deodorants don’t have this antibacterial effect.

nakd. deodorant doesn’t cover up the smell. It stops the smell from happening while letting your body’s natural processes continue.

This isn’t just a trend, but a movement in the health and skincare industry. Sustainable products made from natural ingredients help the environment and your body. Don’t trust your skin to anything but natural ingredients.

Develop a Sustainable Lifestyle Over Time

You don’t need to switch everything to a natural and sustainable lifestyle all at once. You can do it step by step, making one change and then another. People who have switched to a sustainable and healthy lifestyle have more energy and generally feel better.

Businesses have been poisoning us for decades with their synthetic chemicals and didn’t care what it did to our bodies or the environment. It’s time we take back our power and show them we don’t need their processed foods, fossil fuels, or synthetic health and beauty products.

We created nakd. deodorant for people that wanted a natural alternative to commercial deodorants. We created a deodorant for the new revolutionaries that refuse to accept the status quo. Are you ready to take the first step toward your journey of sustainability and health?

If you want to learn more about sustainable living or information about nakd deodorant, then please explore our site. Learn about why we're here and how you can live a better and healthier life through all-natural products.