Antiperspirants Are Killing Our Planet. Here’s Why and How You Can Stop Them



Advertisements you watch on television about the ‘greatness’ of antiperspirants are outright misleading.

They have, however, established a strong foothold in the market which is very unfortunate. The hot humid climate in many parts of the world has helped this industry build a billion-dollar empire!

But do you know about the deadly toxins you are putting on your body when you use antiperspirants and what this product is doing to our environment?

Five Deadly Toxins Used in Antiperspirants

Here are the top deadly toxins that are found in antiperspirants that are harmful to your body:

1.    Triclosan 

This is an FDA certified pesticide and a carcinogen that causes skin irritation and allergies.

2.    Propylene glycol 

Mostly found in antifreeze products, propylene glycol is widely used to soften many products. Studies have shown how dangerous this can be to the central nervous system and heart.

3.    Parabens 

We are now talking about chemicals that can cause hormonal imbalance in our bodies. Parabens are synthetic chemicals that are linked to birth defects and many issues of breast cancer caused hormonal imbalance.

4.    Synthetic Fragrances 

These are known to have hundreds of toxic chemicals, phthalates being one of them. These have caused a higher risk of birth defects in women diagnosed with a high level of phthalates in the body.

5.    Aluminum 

We all know how harmful this metal can be to our bodies. It acts as a neurotoxin and has led to dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and even breast cancer in many cases.

Why Are Antiperspirants Bad For The Environment?

1.   Harm Caused By Aluminum

Aluminum is obtained from Bauxite, which is an ore extracted from the earth through the process of mining. Aluminum is known to block the sweat but more than that, the damage caused by the harmful chemicals involved in its manufacturing is known to pollute water life and damage the ecosystem.

2.   Ozone Layer Depletion

One of the biggest environmental problems caused by antiperspirants is the depletion of the ozone layer. The thin ozone layer keeps us from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Antiperspirants contain aerosols that have CFCs or Chlorofluorocarbon or have liquefied gases such as butane or propane.

3.   Air Pollution

The use of antiperspirants results in suspending the highest amount of volatile organic compounds in the air we breathe. These organic compounds help in the formation of smog and ground-level ozone.

4.   Water Pollution

Triclosan is one of the most damaging chemicals that accumulate in water bodies like rivers and streams. It leads to the formation of chloroform which is a very harmful carcinogen.

Why Should You Should Switch to a Crystal Deodorant?

Crystal Deodorants are free of carcinogens and pesticides like parabens and aluminum and are 100% natural and are made from mineral salts of Earth. Not only will be reducing the harm conflicted onto the environment, but also onto your bodies. Natural crystal deodorants can effectively eliminate bad odor for long hours without harming the skin and are antibacterial and enable natural healing.

Many people are adopting natural crystal deodorants into their lifestyle as part of a more conscious eco-friendly movement to save their planet and themselves from harmful, damaging toxins and making the world a better place. If you’re ready for a healthier, more eco-conscious way of living without exposing your body to harsh, damaging chemicals, make the switch to nakd. deodorant today. 

Josh Spilewski