Become Apart Of The nakd. Lifestyle

We spend a lot of time thinking about how we can improve our lives. Sometimes, instead of pondering about what brand of deodorant to buy, what carbs to cut, or what’s the best way to lose those pesky 10 pounds, it’s better to take a step back and focus on the broader goal of making yourself an all-around healthier person. Lifestyle by definition means a way in which a person lives. Let me tell you a story about how I made a lifestyle change just over a year ago.

A few years ago, I had lung surgery and my body had to have six months of recovery before I could go back to the gym. Over this period of time, let’s just say I started to develop a dad bod (Google it). I wasn’t eating healthy and the cycle of not having an exercise routine became a never-ending cycle of eating junk food and not working out. After six months of rest my body had fully recovered giving me the ability to start exercising again but I found myself with no motivation to do so. I would look in the mirror and say what’s another week? I’ll start going to the gym next week. This turned into I’ll start going to the gym next month and ultimately next year. So, what was the turning point for me?

I had received a phone call late one night from my mother about how my grandmother was in the hospital and that she now had stage 4 diabetes. Once you are in stage 4 diabetes there really is no turning back. No matter the amount of lifestyle changes you do through eating better or exercising the kidney's in your body are beyond the point of recovery. So, the result was she would have to be placed on dialysis. For those that don't know what dialysis is well it's a machine that you are hooked up to for 8 hours a day that does the job of what your damaged kidneys can no longer do. She held on for as long as she could but sadly ultimately ended up passing away a few months later.

Ever since I was young I always remembered my grandmother having diabetes, but I didn't start to really research into it until my mother had given me the call. I had learned that before developing diabetes and even in early stages it can be prevented and even reversed with the right amount of diet and exercise. The next morning after spending countless hours reading up on it the night before I decided today was the day I go back to the gym and start running again. It was in my control to set aside a good amount of time each and every day to exercise. After a few months into exercising again I also decided to change my diet up and cut out all of the junk food I had been eating. Starting with a healthy breakfast in the morning includes things such as oatmeal, bananas, apples or oranges. Cutting out the processed foods & meats from my diet and moving to more of a plant-based diet (mainly fruits & vegetables). After around six months of diet and exercise I was in the best shape of my life and never felt healthier.

This leads me to my third change and that was using 100% natural ingredient-based products on my body. If you have already read my post on why you should switch to nakd. deodorant then you will understand why I had also made this decision. I believe there is a natural remedy for everything and it's just waiting to be discovered. Fortunately, there has been one around for hundreds of years that the Thai people have been using for deodorant and that is the natural mineral salts. Our nakd. deodorant is made up of these premium crystallized natural mineral salts which have been shaped into a convenient and conventional deodorant stick for you to easily use. It allows your body to naturally perspire while preventing body odor and without clogging your pores with chemicals & fragrance oils.
What I had effectively done over the course of eight months was made a lifestyle change. One in which I was eating healthier, exercising more and watching carefully the products that I use on my body.

So, what is the nakd. lifestyle?

The nakd. lifestyle is a commitment to start focusing on eating healthier, exercising more and using only natural ingredient-based products on your body. As I had mentioned above my change wasn't a flip of a switch over night. I had eased into the lifestyle change first by exercising, then by eating healthier and finally by switching to natural ingredient-based products to use on my body. The term nakd. means natural and when you combined it with a lifestyle you are committing to exercising without the use of supplements, eating healthier foods that are not processed and have added preservatives and choosing to use products that have natural based ingredients.


Join us today and make the commitment to change to a nakd. lifestyle. We would love to follow your transformation to living a better, healthier and longer life. Share your experience on social media with the hashtag #getnakd and join the nakd. lifestyle community group on facebook.

Josh Spilewski