Four Reasons Why You Need To Use A Natural Deodorant When Pregnant

You’re pregnant! Congratulations! Some pregnant women (especially if it’s your first time) will start to Google everything! From the food they’re eating to the products they’re using - new mommas want to make sure that they are doing everything in their power to stay healthy and chemical-free during pregnancy. 

One of the controversial products that many pregnant women are choosing to stay away from as an extra precaution are antiperspirant deodorants. But this can be easier said than done. Especially when pregnancy makes you overheat and sweat more, thanks to raging hormones and weight gain. It can be too tempting to reach for the pore-clogging, chemical-ridden product when you’re emotional and sweating from pores you didn’t even know existed.

But there are alternative ways of keeping BO and sweat at bay and the dangers that antiperspirants can pose far outweigh the minor discomfort. 

Why are Antiperspirants Dangerous to Use When Pregnant? 


Two of the most harmful chemicals found in antiperspirant that pregnant women need to be aware of are PARABENS and PHTHALATES.

Parabens are preservatives that prevent mold and bacteria from growing on the deodorant stick. However, it can mimic estrogen and can mess your hormones up. They’re already all over the place when you’re pregnant, do you really need this hassle on top of all the other hormonal issues you got going on? 

Phthalates are difficult to pronounce and difficult to avoid if using traditional antiperspirants. In a nutshell, this chemical is another hormone meddler and it can affect fetal development in pregnant women. This should be avoided at all costs! 


What does this even mean? Fragrance can basically mean any chemical or ingredient that makes the antiperspirant smell good. Putting more unknown chemicals onto your pregnant body is not a great idea, especially if you’re sensitive to smells when pregnant. 

Using a natural deodorant stick is fragrance-free, which means fewer chemicals and no funky smells. That should help your pregnancy nausea or morning sickness.


When you’re pregnant, you may notice that your skin is more sensitive than normal and more prone to breakouts and rashes - especially underneath your arms. This is a normal reaction to the changes in your hormones and your body, but putting harsh chemicals on sensitive skin will irritate it further. 

Natural crystal deodorant is kind to sensitive skin and actually helps it soothe and recover quicker by allowing it to release the toxins that are building up and causing the irritation. 


Let’s keep it real. Using a natural crystal deodorant stick won’t stop you from sweating. But before you click the ‘X’ button at the top of this article, hear us out. 

Sweating is completely normal and actually encouraged when pregnant. Your body needs to release toxins from your body and regulate your body temperature - it’s what a baby needs! Clogging up those pores is just keeping all those nasty toxins inside your body which can lead to a build-up in harmful chemicals. 

Using Natural Deodorant During Pregnancy

If you’re thinking about making the switch to more natural deodorant but worried about sweating, there are other techniques you can apply to keep sweat at bay: 

  • Use natural underarm wipes throughout the day to clean bacteria that forms under your arms 
  • Put baby powder, cornstarch or baking soda under your arms to absorb the sweat
  • Wear light, breathable clothing to prevent your body from overheating
  • Bathe or shower frequently

If you’re ready for a healthier pregnancy with fewer toxins and chemicals in your body, make the switch to nakd deodorant today

Josh Spilewski