nakd. Thai Crystal Deodorant - Parent Tested Parent Approved Winner

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Vasarii is proud to announce that we have officially received a PTPA Seal of Approval for our nakd. Thai Crystal Deodorant

Parent Tested Parent Approved is a community made up of parents, who chat together, share tips, feedback, and provide support to one another through a variety of channels. PTPA is a free community to sign up for and they send out thousands of dollars in free products to parents each year for them to enjoy in exchange for their honest feelings and opinions of that product. Feedback from the parents is also sent to the companies, this information is invaluable to them and helps to shape the way products are made for our families.
"The Seal of Approval is a powerful symbol of trust and recognition," said Sharon Vinderine, founder and CEO of PTPA Media. "Not only does it give consumers a reason to believe in the quality of a product, but it helps families distinguish the top products from all other brands. 
How Winners Are Determined

Parents across North America participate in the testing process at no cost to them. They evaluate the products with their families in real-life environments rather than conducting a consumer vote. Their feedback and evaluations are carefully tallied and curated. Products that meet their standards earn the coveted PTPA Seal of Approval, which can be leveraged on the packaging, advertising, end-cap displays, and more. News of the victory is shared among PTPA's community of more than 200,000 families. Independent research has confirmed that the PTPA Seal of Approval ranks as one of the most recognized seals in North America.
We are humbled to receive this award check out the official announcement here on their website