Customer Questions & Answers | Vasarii

What are the ingredients?

Made of 100% natural mineral salts

How does it work?

Just by applying water to the nakd. deodorant stick and rubbing it under your arms an invisible salt film sits on the surface of the skin which prevents the growth of bacteria which stops the odor.

How many hours does it last after applying?

In most cases a single application prevents body odor up to 24 hours

Will this stain my clothes?

Nope! Our nakd. deodorant will not stain or learn any type of marking on any of your clothing (even the most delicate fabrics)

Does it leave any type of residue on my skin?

Leaves no white residue on your skin

Will this clog up my pores?

Nope this will not clog your pores

Is this vegan friendly?

Yes! None of our products are made with any animal by-products

How long does one nakd. deodorant last?

One nakd. deodorant (120g) can last up to 1 year of daily use and our smaller travel sized (70g) can last up to 3 months of daily use.

Is nakd. deodorant safe for children?

Yes for children above the ages of 6 years old. With children starting to suffer from body odor at a younger age nadk. deodorant is a great choice.

How do I use it?

Apply water to the crystal stick and rub 25 to 30 times under the left arm. Then apply water again to the crystal stick and rub 25 to 30 times under the right arm.

How do I get the best results?

Must be applied to clean skin and for best results apply after you have taken a shower.

Is this for Men or Women?

This is a unisex deodorant and is recommended for both women and men.

Can I use this on other parts of the body?

Yes! You can also apply it to your feet to prevent foot odor.

Is it antiperspirant?

nakd. deodorant is not antiperspirant and does not contain any harmful chemicals that other antiperspirant deodorants have in them.

Is this safe for the environment?

Yes our nakd. deodorant is 100% environmentally safe and friendly

Has it been tested on animals?

Absolutely not! Our nakd. deodorant is cruelty free and is not tested on  animals.

What does it smell like?

Our nakd. deodorant is fragrance free and does not have a scent

If there are any questions you still may have please feel free to contact us.