How To Use Natural Crystal Deodorant Correctly

Are you one of those people who has given up on natural crystal deodorant before giving it a chance and claims that “it doesn’t work”?

This could be down to unfortunately purchasing a cheap quality natural deodorant stick, but it’s more likely because you’re using crystal deodorant incorrectly, and you’ve been lured back to that trusty toxic antiperspirant that’s full of harmful chemicals

They may share a name but ‘antiperspirant deodorant’ and ‘natural deodorant’ are not the same products and should not be treated the same way. Natural crystal deodorant requires special care and isn’t as simple as a quick roll on. It is a process, but knowing that you are chemical-free and on your way to better health, it’s worth the extra effort. 

Here’s a quick and simple guide on using natural deodorant correctly and effectively:


It really does all start with choosing the right natural crystal deodorant. 

There are many different varieties of deodorant claiming to be natural on the market. Many are made from cheap quality crystals and salts that don’t give you the full protection you need from that odour-inducing bacteria (Corynebacteria), resulting in smelly pits and feeling embarrassed on that cramped bus.  

Nakd Deodorant is made from 100% natural mineral salts from Thailand and lasts up to 24 hours, thanks to an invisible salt film that sits on the surface of the skin. This film is what prevents the growth of that smelly bacteria.


You want to make sure you have removed any traces of sweat, old deodorant and bacteria from your armpits before applying the deodorant. 

After this, simply apply water to your Nakd Crystal Stick and rub it on your armpits a few times on each side to make sure you have enough coverage. 


Did you know it’s normal to sweat? 


No doubt, you’ve been using antiperspirant since you were a pre-teen and you’re used to having your pores sealed up like a plug. However, when you stop using antiperspirant, which contains those pore-clogging aluminum compounds, your body will naturally want to flush out those toxins it has absorbed through the years. Sweating is your body’s normal reaction to detoxing and cleansing your body and skin of harmful chemicals. 

You can reduce the amount you sweat under your arms by wearing breathable fabrics such as cotton, wool, bamboo and hemp fabrics. These fabrics are great for wicking away moisture and hold less odour. 


We all know that food affects everything that goes on in our bodies, and sweat is not immune to this. Certain foods can make our body odor more pungent, making it harder for your natural deodorant to mask the smell. Stephanie S. Gardner, MD informs Web.MD that foods such as hot peppers and spicy foods typically makes us sweat more. 

Also, smelly food such as onions and garlic can be carried in our sweat and released with an unpleasant smell attached. Removing or cutting down on these foods in your diet can help reduce sweat and odour. 

It’s important to give your body time to adjust to this new product. After all, your underarm pores have been clogged for years and they need to detox and rid your body of all those built-up toxins. To find out more about our Nakd Natural Deodorants and why you should make the switch today, check out our article on our website HERE that explains how making the change and adopting a nakd lifestyle can truly benefit your health and contribute to you living a longer, happier life. 

If you have any questions at all feel free to contact us or check our customer questions & answers.

Josh Spilewski