Natural vs. Synthetic

We’ve all been there after a heavy workout or not leaving the house for a few days and discovered we had an odor. Sweating is a natural human process but displaying your natural musk at a business meeting might not be a great idea.

We use deodorants and antiperspirants to help stop sweating and mask the scent our bodies create. It’s not polite in human society to go around smelling like body odor, but the kind of deodorant or antiperspirant you use can have an impact on your health.

Most store-bought varieties are filled with synthetic chemicals, but there is a growing trend of using natural deodorants to eliminate the odor caused by sweating. We’ll examine both these types and discern which is better for your body.

Why Does Your Body Sweat…and Smell?

Your body is covered in sweat glands, but not all of them cause a smell. You have sweat glands on your elbows, but no one ever complains of stinky elbows. The armpits, feet, and groin are the only areas that usually create an odor.

Why? It’s all about the bacteria. The location of these sweat glands create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. It’s hot, dark, and moist, which is like a vacation to the Bahamas for bacteria. When you sweat, the first layer of skin is broken down and eaten by the bacteria like a Michelin star meal.

When they eat the skin, a byproduct of bacterial decomposition is odor. The more your sweat, the more they eat, and the more you smell. It’s also why people complain of foot and groin odor as well, so wash them really well.

While your feet are encased in socks and shoes and your groin covered in underwear and clothing, your armpits don’t have coverings to hold the scent. In fact, walking around in an undershirt, shirt, and suit jacket just ends you making you sweat more.

Deodorant vs. Antiperspirant

Most people place the words deodorant antiperspirant together in most sentences. Many deodorants on sale have both aspects, but they are two different concepts.

An antiperspirant keeps the body from sweating. When you grab an antiperspirant and roll it on your armpits, it’s shoving aluminum into the glands and plugging them up. If the glands are plugged up, then they can’t sweat. The bacteria don’t get food and no odor is created.

A deodorant doesn’t block the glands. Instead, it uses fragrances to cover up the smell. You won’t smell like body odor and instead smell like wildflowers…and body odor. What usually ends up happening is the deodorant can’t completely cover the smell, especially if you’re an active person and you end up getting a mixture of the two.

When you have a product with both, then the aluminum blocks the glands from producing sweat, so no odor is created. It also has a fragrance that just makes that area smell good.

Synthetic Chemicals Can Harm Your Skin

When you buy a store-bought antiperspirant or deodorant, you’re buying lots of synthetic chemicals. The biggest problem is aluminum. The metal is naturally found in the human body in trace amounts, but when applied to the exterior of a sensitive area of the skin it can cause discomfort and a rash. For example, your skin is naturally more sensitive after shaving, so applying it after shaving your armpits can increase the likelihood of a negative reaction.

There are also other chemicals in deodorant and antiperspirant that can impact your health.

  • Propylene Glycol – The main ingredient in antifreeze, propylene glycol has many uses in manufacturing and industrial areas. It can poison and kill animals and softens products. Next time, you love how your deodorant feels, remember it’s probably because of propylene glycol.
  • Parabens – Parabens are preservatives that have been around since the 1950s. They’ve commonly been used in beauty products to prevent mold and bacteria growth. This sounds like a great thing except parabens can enter your body through the skin and are known to wreak havoc on hormone function. It’s also been connected to both cancer and reproductive issues.
  • Triclosan – The Federal Drug Administration classifies triclosan as a pesticide and causes irritation of the skin, thyroid problems, and resistance to antibiotics.
  • Fragrances – This is what makes your armpits smell like a forest afternoon, moonlight summer breeze, and even pineapple. The problem is there is no way for you to know what is in the fragrance. There are hundreds of chemicals used to create these scents and none of them are pineapple or bottled forest afternoon. Some of these chemicals are phthalates that cause birth defects.

Don’t risk your health and the health of your family from synthetic chemicals used in common deodorants and antiperspirants. We live in a health conscience world where everyone is careful what they put in their body, but you also need to worry about what you put on your body.

The Body Needs to Sweat

Antiperspirants sound great on paper because they block you from sweating. Unless you’re a highly active person or sweat profusely, it is unlikely you’ll get underarm stains from sweating throughout the day.

In fact, many store-bought antiperspirants might cause staining on your clothes of flaking. No one wants that.

The reality is there is a reason why the body sweats. Plugging up the glands with aluminum is like shoving tissues up your nose to keep it from running. The body wants it out or else it wouldn’t create it.

If you’re overheated, then sweat helps to cool your body down. Most of the body sweats but plugging up your armpit sweat glands reduces the body’s ability to cool down. It can lead to overheating and even heat exhaustion.

Your body has many chemicals in it, some are good, and some are not so good. While your kidneys and liver take care of the bulk of the toxins in your system, you can also sweat them out as well. Saunas have been popular for hundreds of years because of the rejuvenating effects they have on people.

Natural is Always Better

When we talk about natural deodorant, we’re talking just about deodorant. The body was meant to sweat as we discussed, so natural deodorant helps with the odor but lets your sweat glands be open.

nakd. Thai Crystal Deodorant uses all-natural ingredients and helps eliminate odor for 24 hours. The biggest cause of the odor is bacteria and Thai crystal helps prevent bacterial growth. When the deodorant is applied on the skin, it creates a layer of salt that doesn’t clog the glands but also keeps bacteria from growing.

It’s made from natural mineral salts with no artificial colors or ingredients. It also doesn’t stain your clothes. nakd deodorant isn’t like anything else on the market. There are strict protocols for quality assurance and each product is inspected prior to being shipped.

That’s a guarantee you won’t find from many other companies. In a world filled with processed foods, processed smells, and processed chemicals, it’s important to return to nature and keep your body a healthy temple.

If you’re watching the kinds of food you eat, then don’t forget about the products you put on your skin. We’re not just talking about deodorant. Many makeup and skincare products for both men and women are filled with chemicals similar to those found in store-bought antiperspirants.

Companies are sly and put words like “safe” on their products, but they can still be filled with chemicals. Don’t let them fool you. Check the ingredients before you purchase any makeup or skincare product to make sure the ingredients are truly from Mother Nature and not a laboratory.

How Do They Compare?

We’ve talked about the benefits and issues with natural and traditional deodorants, but the big question on everyone’s mind is how do they compare? There is no doubt that antiperspirant prevents odors because it keeps you from sweating, but the health cost of years of blocked sweat glands could be large.

Traditional deodorant without the antiperspirant doesn’t have any antibacterial properties. It lets you sweat as nature intended but doesn’t block the odor. It covers it up, or at least tries. Instead, it usually mixes with body odor and creates a strange mix of smells.

Thai crystal all-natural deodorant doesn’t block your sweat glands, but it does keep bacteria from growing and creating body odor. When you put the three types together, antiperspirant has the best results, but there is a cost. Only all-natural deodorant lets your body sweat and blocks odor.

Order All Natural Deodorant Today

It’s clear that all-natural deodorant is the best choice for your body. The natural ingredients and good for your body and the environment. It helps keep you smelling great without blocking sweat glands. Say goodbye to synthetic chemicals and long term skin irritation caused by traditional deodorants.

It’s a new dawn for consumer health and beauty products, so make the switch. If you’re interested in learning more about nakd deodorant or would like to place an order, please explore our site.