3 Reasons Why Women Are Switching To Natural Crystal Deodorant

As more natural, toxic-free products starting hitting the beauty industry by storm, it was only a matter of time for women to start making the switch to a more natural alternative to the traditional chemical-ridden antiperspirants.

Especially after all the rumors circulating the internet about how antiperspirants can cause breast cancer, which is pretty terrifying considering breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women worldwide (25.4% of cases). SHOCK! 

However, The American Cancer Society has calmed down all the screaming ladies around the world by publicly announcing that there very little scientific evidence to support this claim. 

Still, women are becoming more conscious about the type of products and stuff they are putting onto and into their bodies. Here are three reasons why you should dump the Ladies Dove Stick and start using a more natural alternative. 

1) Better For Your Body & Health

Okay, so research into whether it’s a cause of breast cancer is still undergoing, but there is still some concerning research out there when it comes to the affect traditional antiperspirant has on our female bodies. 

Traditional deodorants and antiperspirants contain parabens and aluminum, which has been linked to many health concerns such as stimulating cancer cells, kidney disease, and affecting hormonal balances in the body. 

Parabens are used to stop mold and bacteria growing in the product and to increase its shelf life. Aluminum is used to control sweat by clogging up the pores and not allowing your body to naturally sweat. Eww. 

We know, as women, how sensitive our armpits can get. Especially after we’ve taken a razor to them! Chemicals found in antiperspirants are abrasive on sensitive skin and can cause irritation. Natural crystal deodorant is made with only one ingredient - natural salt crystals. It naturally leaves an invisible, protective film that not only that blocks odor, but is gentle to sensitive skin.

2) Better For The Environment

The chemicals that are being used in these products and how they are being produced are harming the environment. Big brand companies that make these traditional antiperspirants are damaging our ecosystem and pumping dangerous gases into our air. 

Not only is natural crystal deodorant better for the environment as it doesn’t require any fancy production machinery, but it is also vegan and cruelty-free. It isn’t being tested on animals and contains natural, vegan-friendly compounds such as baking soda, arrowroot, and witch hazel. Yum! 

3) Better For Your Clothes

Remember that time you wore that black dress to the office? You know, the one that makes you feel super confident? Only to walk into that meeting with everyone sniggering because you have these chalky white patches underneath your arms… and no matter how hard you tried to scrub it off in the bathroom, it had stained your favorite dress and left you feeling embarrassed all day. 

That white chalky substance are aluminum salts found in your antiperspirant. Natural crystals leave no marks, stains or any residues of the kind on your favourite clothes!  


Making the switch to a natural crystal deodorant is a lifestyle choice that many women around the world adopt. By using natural crystal deodorant, you are becoming a part of a bigger movement on making a more positive impact on your health, lifestyle choices and the environment as a whole. 

When used properly, natural crystal deodorant can work for women and can keep up with eliminating body odor smells, even when you’re running around after your kids or doing a power yoga class. 

If you’re ready for a healthier, more eco-conscious way of keeping fresh and clean without exposing your body to harsh, damaging chemicals, make the switch to nakd deodorant today

Josh Spilewski