Why Asian People Swear By Natural Crystal Deodorants

In the beginning, God created man and woman, and they were…a little smelly. Humans have been fighting body odor ever since the dawn of time and have tried many different ways to eradicate these unwanted smells. For thousands of years, our ancestors have been dealing with this situation using plain old water and soap. But this method just wasn’t cutting it for the stinkiest area of our bodies - our armpits, so they looked into it a little deeper. 

Over the course of time, scientists were discovering that the armpits were the biggest pore of our bodies, and released sweat to detox and help cool our bodies down. The cause of this unpleasant odor was a type of bacteria that feasts on the sweat. Then, a revolutionary discovery was made in Southeast Asia a few hundred years ago - natural crystal stones. Asians soon found that these stones, made from mineral salts, has potassium alum, which has been shown to possess antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria-causing smells. 

Fast forward to the 21st century and underarm sweating became a social embarrassment in western culture. Enter the toxic antiperspirant, invented by frantic scientists wanting to put a stop to this taboo. Antiperspirant contains aluminum and was proven to attack and kill the bacteria that caused BO while clogging up your pores so no more sweat could escape. 

While westerners were spraying this toxic chemical lavishly on their underarms, Asian people were not buying into this facade. 

A study published by the New York Times called: Aiming at China’s Armpits: When Foreign Brands Misfire, showed that antiperspirant deodorant sales in the United States reached $4.5 billion in 2016, while China’s total came to $110 million. Japan’s sales that year were about one-tenth of the sales generated in the United States.

Asia was not biting the antiperspirant bait and kept their loyalty to their traditional methods of using natural crystal deodorant


Scientists revealed that biology does play a part, as Asian people have a gene that lowers the production of sweat that results in the strong human bodily odor we experience.  

New York Times also found that there were cultural differences between the east and the west that also contributes to the rejection of anti-persistent. Chinese health professionals stated that there is no ‘stigma’ attached to sweating like in the West, in fact, they see sweating as a natural detox that boosts immunity, enhances memory, and rejuvenates skin. They encourage and promote sweating so it doesn’t make sense to use something that would prevent this from happening. 

Recent studies that has reported on the harmful effects of using antiperspirant has seen westerners doing a 180-degree turn and running back towards more ‘natural’ methods of tackling armpit BO. Crystal stone deodorants have been around for centuries and is now gaining popularity amongst western cultures within the last 30 years due to its natural ingredients, low cost, and health benefits.

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Josh Spilewski