Why Travelers Are Falling In Love With Crystal Deodorant

You’re lugging your 50L backpack around the world, running after your train because you got lost, hiking up the highest peaks and drowning in your own sweat on the beach. Let’s face it, you need some strong stuff to get you through all this without scaring your new travel buddies off with your new-found scent of BO. 

You laugh at the thought of natural deodorant being able to keep up with this crazy lifestyle but before you write off the idea and reach for the cheapest, local antiperspirant made out of nasty stuff, here us out. 

Natural crystal deodorant is up for the job, and here’s why: 

1) Better For Your Body & Health

When you’re traveling and having the time of your life, conscious thoughts about your health can take a back seat. Local food full of unhealthy oils? Give it to me! Happy hour beers? Why not! Food poisoning? Had it twice already. 

Travelling can take a toll on your body. Your body needs as much help as possible. Switching your antiperspirant laded with nasty chemicals such as parabens and aluminum for a more natural product is an easy way to help your body by allowing it to breathe. Literally. 

By the way, parabens are used to stop mold and bacteria growing in the product and to increase its shelf life. Aluminum is used to control sweat by clogging up the pores and not allowing your body to naturally sweat. Eww. 

2) It’s Cheap and It Lasts!

There’s nothing more annoying than searching a foreign place for a basic local deodorant stick, paying more than you wanted to and then having a replace it within a month. Especially in off-the-beaten-path, rural areas where deodorant is a weird and wonderful alien product that the locals have never seen before.

Natural crystal deodorant is not only a cheap alternative but it lasts between 4-6 months. Perfect for a long-term backpacking trip where time and money can be better used for exploring forests and cities rather than supermarkets. 

3) It Helps Save The World

Some travelers are always guilt-tripping themselves for piling up the air miles and using single-use plastic around the world. It’s common for them to try and make a difference to the environment in other ways. Some carry their own bamboo straws, others start charities to help save the whales. 

You don’t have to do anything extreme to make a difference to the earth that you’re exploring. Natural crystal deodorant is made with only one ingredient - mineral salts, which means that it is vegan and cruelty-free. It also reduces harm caused to the environment as big brands making traditional deodorants are pumping dangerous gases into the air and damaging the ocean’s eco-system. 


Making the switch to a natural crystal deodorant is a lifestyle choice that many travelers around the world are jumping on board with. By using natural crystal deodorant, you are becoming a part of a bigger movement on making a more positive impact on your health, lifestyle choices and the environment as a whole. 

However, it’s important to know that natural deodorant won’t stop you sweating, but it will eliminate that funky BO smell. But to be honest, if you’re hiking the deserts of Dubai, trying to survive the stifling humidity in Malaysia or purposely plonking yourself on a beach in Spain, you’re gonna sweat regardless! It’s also your body telling you that you NEED to sweat. Not only to cool your body down but to clear out those toxins you’ve been loading up over the past week. 

If you’re ready for a healthier, more eco-conscious way of keeping fresh and clean without exposing your body to harsh, damaging chemicals, make the switch to nakd deodorant today.

Josh Spilewski