Everything You Need To Know About Natural Crystal Deodorant



You’ve been hearing a lot about natural crystal deodorant lately and how this upcoming trend is taking on the eco-conscious world by storm. Everyone is using this natural deodorant option on their pits, even your best friend’s mother, but what the heck is it? 


First of all, let’s be clear that crystal deodorant is not an antiperspirant. Antiperspirants are designed to block the pores in your armpits, preventing you from sweating. Deodorant kills the body odor bacteria that form under the arms and produces that funky BO smell. 

Crystal deodorant is typically made from natural mineral salt called potassium aluminum sulfate (also known as potassium alum) which is known for its antimicrobial properties. 

Crystal deodorant has been used in Southeast Asia for centuries and has recently become more popular in western countries in the last thirty years thanks to its natural ingredients, low cost, and environmentally friendly properties.


Using a crystal deodorant is very simple. You can have in the form of a cream, spray or stone. When using the natural crystal stone, simply wet it with water and rub it onto clean underarms.

Some argue that crystal deodorant doesn’t work for them. Everyone is different and it takes time for the body to get used to the change but when used correctly, it will eliminate body odor and reduce the number of chemicals you put onto your body. 


Part of the allure of using a natural crystal deodorant is reducing the number of toxic chemicals that block and clog up your pores that prevents the body from naturally releasing toxins. 

Many studies and articles are linking the use of antiperspirants to interfering with body balancing hormones such as estrogen and increasing the risk of developing breast cancer in women. However, there is no hard, scientific evidence to back up these claims. 

Crystal deodorants also pride themselves on being vegan and cruelty-free after calling out and shaming big brands for using animals when testing their products. 


Making the switch to a natural crystal deodorant is a lifestyle choice. You become a part of a bigger movement on making a more positive impact on your health, lifestyle choices and to the environment as a whole. 

However, be prepared that even though crystal deodorant eliminates body odor smells, it will not stop you sweating. It is healthy and natural for our bodies to sweat and release toxins from the body so you may need to reapply the crystal stick throughout the day for extra protection in warm weather. 

If you’re ready for a healthier, more eco-conscious way of living without exposing your body to harsh, damaging chemicals, make the switch to nakd. deodorant today. 

Josh Spilewski